Monday, January 23, 2012

Make money with App Trailers by App Redeem

Time for my first review post! It's going to be covering an iPhone/Android app called App Trailers.

I first found out about this app browsing r/beermoney with my phone while i took a smoke break at work. It looked perfect for me. 
  1. It's Mobile: I can do this while I'm bored waiting on a haircut or doctor's appointment, or even during a slow shift at work.
  2. It's on the App Store: Since I am just starting off in this experiment to make some side cash, grabbing something off of the app store helps reassure me that it wasn't going to turn out to be a scam.
So lets get down to how it works. Essentially you get paid a few cents to watch 30 second ads for other apps. Once you download the app it is incredibly simple to set up your account. Just choose your username (if you earn any points before setting up your account it auto gives you a username), give your email (no spam emails yet, fingers crossed), and picking a password.

Next for the free points. You can get 50 points right off the bat by entering the username of who referred you. In turn for every person who lists you as their referrer (most likely not a real word but... who cares) you receive 250 points, and there does not appear to be a limit on this. To help everyone out with their first 50 points, and to of course toss me a helping hand, my username is expectedroute.

Now, its time to show you how you'll be earning the majority of your points...

When you first open up the app all those bubbles that say "+Try" will be orange and have a 10 in them. Every video you watch from those is worth 10 points. After watching these videos you are given a link to that app's app store page, and if you choose to download it you can get 100 more points. The best part is you only have to open the app to get your points, you don't have to do anything else and can delete the app completely after.

A slower way to earn points, but requires massively less attention is to scroll down into the 5 point section.

These are ads that are only worth 5 points, but you can just click one and let it run through, then pick another once it's done. I generally do this while I count down my cash drawer at the end of the night since it requires almost no brainpower.

The only downside (besides low point rewards) is that it seems to be buggy. Half the time these videos don't give any points and the other half they do. Waiting longer for them to load before opening the ad seems to help, but not 100%

Finally, we're to the part you're all interested in. REDEEMING YOUR POINTS FOR CASH.

There is a pretty long list to scroll through of different options for how to redeem your points, but they all hold true to 1 point being worth $0.001 USD.

The numbers in the blue bubbles are the minimum point balance needed to redeem for that particular item.

My favorite choice so far has been the Paypal $0.15 per 150 points simply because i can transfer the paypal money into my actual checking account.
Oh, and the best part! The money gets sent to your paypal account in under a minute! no waiting around and praying it works.

So, in 48 hours of having this app (spending maybe 30 minutes actually interacting with it total) I have grossed $1.25 doing nothing but these, and with only 2 referral/invites (my girlfriend and I made a second account on my iPod to get a second)

Overall I would have to say this is a pretty solid way to make some cash on the go IF they do a decent job of refreshing/adding new adds/free app download for points opportunities.

Well guys, sorry that this went on for so long, but I am trying to be as detailed as possible so that I can help everyone make informed decisions. Please share this if you like it, as eventually I will be posting about how making this blog has worked out.
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  2. You say this one is for iPhone and Android, but I'm not finding it in the Android Market.
    However, I did find one by the same maker called AppRedeem. I'm downloading it now, and I'll let you know if it's the same deal tomorrow.
    And of course, if I can put in for referral, you know I will!

    1. Well, the good news it, it accepted your name as a referral, so there is that. ;)

    2. Thanks I appreciate it! I use an iPhone so that's what I was going off of. And I knew one of my friends had found it on the Android market so I assumed it was the same name.

      Anyways hope the app treats you well. I've been getting around a dollar a day from it. Ill give out exact numbers at some point

    3. Actually, I dug around a bit more and I found App Trailers, so I've got that going for me.
      AppRedeem gives you more points on the same system for actually downloading and trying out the apps, so that got me a few more points. However, at least on Android, there are only two apps that I can download for points.

      I found App Trailers by searching for AppRedeem in the Android Market, and looking for other apps done by AppRedeem. It does not come up under App Trailers in any search I tried.

      Just a heads up for any other readers/Redditors out there.

    4. Actually just found that out last night while talking my buddy into trying it out. Oddly there isn't an app for the iPhone for AppRedeem but I did find a way to still use it and get points. I'll probably update this post with how to when I get home tonight.

  3. I have been using it for a few days and getting some good bucks. But since I don't have a bank account I can't verify my PayPal. So I've been redeeming them for amazon. But just a little bit ago I noticed that the amazon choice is no longer there... Is there a restriction on how much money I can redeem from amazon? If so this shit is wackkk

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  6. Does it use a lot of data?

  7. Too bad they changed the app and there's no more referring. I guess this kind of shit happened too much. Although on it still says "Tell a friend about AppRedeem
    and you both earn bonus points.
    Everyone Wins"


  8. i hate how when you watch a lot of videos, the points drop down to +3 only.. and the app keeps crashing.

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  13. what if I am outside the country and pay pal is not recognised, would there be another option? thanks!

  14. How do you make an account? I go to settings but there is no account creation. When I attempt to log in, it says you need to be logged in first. I tried changing my username but even that requires a log in.

    Someone please..tell me! xD

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  16. Just downloaded it, lemme see how far we go.

  17. Just downloaded it, lemme see how far we go.

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